Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Been awhile, wasn't it? =b

Eversince I went back to Taiwan, I barely even blogged at all. So now, I'm back with a new post, but I can't promise I'll be blogging often yet. xp I wasn't been in the mood of blogging these days, nothing much happened though, Kiat has entered his new college in MTSSR in Brunei, and I wonder if he's gonna survive well there when he's the only Chinese in the Malay 'village'. XD Neo, who had just broken his ankle last week~ here I wish him better recover soon or nobody's gonna jump around in the school with me~!!! XD kekekekek~~ XP And Manzy, who just went back to Perth, please take care over there yea~! =D Now to PamPam, don't be so sad man! Life is not so sad lar!!!! HAHAHAHAH JKJKJKJKJKJK XDDD okokok until here lols, oops did I forget about Kevin? XD who left only few days here in Brunei before he's back to KL, take care!!! XDDD Don't stress yourself out there yeaa~~ =b

Few days ago, probably last week, we had this education fair in our school and these are the booklets that I took on the tables from the lecturers. Without a doubt, I've already chosen my path to the musical world in LIMKOKWING university. But as what I can see by now, my mom doesn't really like the idea of me taking music in university life, however, like what Neo said, I'm gonna score good grades and show her my determination! MUSIC! HERE I COME!!!!!!!! XD Something that I always wished to work out, I will never give it up so easily. Seriously, this is probably the first time in my life that I'm so determined about something. =]

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