Sunday, April 06, 2008

tag war? XD

lololololol!!! OMG there're two Siaw TanS in my tagboard!!! XD and no second though, Chee Fun is apparently the one quacking around with Siaw Tan's name!!! Chee Fun is an awesome guy??? *cough cough...* Lol jkjkjk XPP

Owh, damn~ the wireless connection that I usually connect to these days kind of not stable this two days or it should be said that it's frequently off instead, and now I'm connected to the WYWY restaurant's wireless, though the signal is almost near to 0% so I might get disconnected sometime, which I hope I wouldn't.

Went out to catch a movie called definitely, maybe with Chee Fun last night. It wasn't too bad though, it's about a married man used to had complicated relationship before he got married and in the movie he was telling his daughter about the story when he wasn't married. This movie based on how a relationship can be so complicated within men and women these days. Not a bad movie though. =]

Awww damn~~~ again~ I've got disconnected for more than half an hour and I'm trying to connect it back. It is, finally reconnected but the signal is really low, I guess I shall stop here in case I won't be able to post a new entry then. Ciao everyone~ ^^

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