Sunday, April 27, 2008

End of world coming? O.o

Yes, it was almost the whole Brunei was in the darkness when I was out with Fun last night. o.O All the way after Jangsak area was exactly in dark till the way to Bandar. Hmmm~~ We almost went around the whole Brunei to see where else that their world was coming to an end~ XD We were so jobless that we even went to Gadong to see their situation. WTF? Over all the places, only the giant nasi katok castle has electric circuit???!!! Some people even standing in front of the projector screen to watch football because there were no more seats inside, sadness of the Bruneian... I really gonna lmao... = ="" And even the mall was closed due to the end of the world electric circuit cut~! XD Oh wells, we ended up walking around Yayasan aha~ What a memorable place where I used to hiao around when I was young~ XD Not that young though but yeah, haven't been there for like, 343289043 years already... Hmm...

Oh yes, my mom had just got her self an unknown weird birdie o.O Despite that it was standing at the corner for the whole time, it was cute though~ XD Oh yes, just added a few songs at the song list. Have a try of those songs~ ^^ take cares. =D

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