Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh a little belated greeting.. =D

Yesh~ a little belated greeting of Happy Birthday to our dear friend, Aik~ =D Happy Belated to you~! x3 here's your cake! hahahah~ it was sponsored by 10+ people by few dollars each person, a total of 48 dollars when Bon and I went to look for the cake at the lowest price at Shareton Hotel... Yes, freaking 48 dollars... = =" Not bad though~ It's indeed nicer than the cake that we bought for Kiat~ Hahahah~ Sorry brotha~ XD (who ask you so noob? XD Lol jkjk!!)

This was bought from Shareton Hotel, of course it would be much more nicer than the one we bought for Kiat at Makcik bake shop eh~ o.o" (Don't really like the taste though~... sour... it's chocolate cake mixed with some blueberry jam... meoww~ = =")

Anyways~ Happy sweet sixteen and all the best wishes to you hey~ =D Nights to everyone~ ^^

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