Friday, April 25, 2008

first trip on Kiat's car o.O

Woots! Yesh, my first trip on Kiat's car! And yes, he drives. o.O (I'm not being sarcastic... you'll know why...)

Today, woke up around 8 in the morning, tidied up myself and then went down to wait for my mom to drive me and my little brother to the school. My brother and I was already waiting inside of the car when my mom came to me and instead of her driving the car, she wanted me to drive and see how my driving skill was. OwhKay~ So, I did. Drove nicely all the way from my house to Pei's house to pick her up, and then to the school with the turtle-like speed which is REALLEH slow... okay... = ="" anyhow, we managed to make it to my school safely. XD And I thought I almost crashed my car to the wall of the bridge before my school gate... .__." (I didn't do that on purpose! It was because there was no car so I didn't cared much!... = ="" okai, whateva~ rawrr~ X_x)

So, it was 9 when we reached the school. Okay, a total of 40+ minutes from my house to my school when my parents usually take it only for 20+ minutes. Nice... = =" (Trying not to be sarcastic, Pei kinda counted the time for me... aha...) Oh wells! We thought we missed the Chinese talk thingie that my classmates joined because they were supposed to finished around 9 and there came the turn of the lower secondary section by then. We were so jobless that we still went into the lecturer hall to see them talking on the stage. Well, surprisingly, Jia Min was on the stage sharing about her topic, Oh Yes! We didn't missed it! So we did, found a place and sat down. I was sitting beside Neo! XD Anyways, things went smoothly, despite some students were really nervous that they can't even talk on the stage, oh wells, they should coupe with it though. Since we're not there to see you murmuring on the stage. Though neither I could do well but yeah.. XP

After the whole thing was over, Jia Min brought Pei and I to the SAS for the funfair (Thanks for your kindness, Jia Min! x3), and it was raining so heavily. After we reached the SAS, we went to look around at the school compound, thought that Kiat would be there since Miss Mary Ong said that he agreed to go to the funfair with us but we saw no one that we knew. So I went into their secondary block, I turned around and saw someone huge was walking behind me, OH KIAT! Lol~ XD His eyes became huge when he saw me XD ahahahah~
"I wanna ciao liao you know? then you come~" Oh yes, it was around 12 something, Mary wasn't there yet, and we were suppose to meet up by 12~ XD
"You not driving?" Asked Kiat.
"No eh~ my mom doesn't allowed..."
"LOL~! Go drop longkong lar~ XD"
"Wtf~!..." =.="
I was gna ask him where Mary was, and he said something in addition "You don't know Mary's 12 is gna be 1 or 2 mer? hais~" XD ahaha right~ And then he went into a classroom with his friend, Ben. I was curious so I went to have a look too, and it was... DOTA???? WTF on earth he playing Dota again?? omfg~ "Wariu ehhh you GAY! Dota at home not enough arh? Come here still wanna play Dota~! GAY ARH YOU!"
"WHAT? I play for free worr~"
"wth~..." speechless me, really speechless~ = ="" Alright, Mary came after 1, seriously, Kiat was so right... Cos I never waited for her and she was always the one waiting for me. XD Okai~ So umm, Pei went away to find her SAS friend since she was claiming that she doesn't feel comfortable to go around with her, oh yeah whatever~ .__." So Mary and I went around at the funfair, and we've got so limited things to do that we ended up in the classroom to watch that gay playing Dota with his friend and 3 little kids, hmmm...

After his Dota game (Yeah of course, he won~ lol~~~~), four of us decided to go to the mall, KIAT'S THE DRIVER! Omg, really suka hati driving skill he's got... = ="" I couldn't tell how nice his driving skill was over here, you really have to experience it yourself... Anyways, yeah, kinda had fun today~ XD We've walked around the mall for several times~ and talked about the new Mazda cars on the first floor which was being promoted. Whatever shit we haven't done? XD Oh yes, we even sit at the Chill for 2 hours gossiping about whatever shit~ XD You could see how jobless we were... Hmm~ yeah that's all~ and went to my dad's shop at around awhile to 6, Kiat brought us there since it was still raining. (Thankew so much for your kindness, Gay Kiat~ XD)

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