Saturday, July 22, 2006

weeeehaaaa~~~ xD

Woooo Phewww~ Now I know that my 'Joan' in MT didn't get deleted, it was just server down and can't check things properly, and I was like, Phewww. XD It's glad to know that my work didn't get deleted tho.Here is the link, hope it's okay, anyway, it was my last year sketch! XD I'm going to submit a later ones soon.

Phew, anyways, I'm at home now (which is kinda obvious~) not online in msn, wooooo~~~ so lazy~~~~ XDD feel like playing maple, but still, lazy too. ._." I was playing the Sims 2, it was fun! XD that 3D is kinda good tho~ hmmm, I made my family a Weasley family! XD I just like that name~ But Vin doesn't~ T x T Never mind~ XD it's all set tho. ._." Woots! But too bad, 'cause I'm not playing the Sims 2 in my own computer, due to the reason that my computer's cd-rom got unplugged or something, so I just installed in my dad's lousy computer. Which will get freeze after awhile you playing it NICELY~ and then you'll be like ARGH!!!!!!!! So now, I'm downloading the Sims 2 into my computer with bitcomet, which is kinda slow tho, and it's eating up all the bandwith that we can't really use the internet. ^^" Well, if you're wondering, I've been downloading since last night, and it's only 17.3% now.

Went to Vin's house today, and had a little nap in the afternoon. It wasn't bad tho, Vin's mom bought me a shirt, tho it was kinda nice. ^-^ (Thanks yo~ x3) Actually was planning to study at his house, but ended up with my laziness~ XD so we were doing nothing all the while. Gotta study abit tonight, heheheh~ and Oh~ draw abit also~ XD I wanna submit something new to MT as soon as possible~ hehehe~ x3. Anyways~ good day to everyone =3. Vin's at tuition now, hope he's not too tired. =3 Take care everyone. ^-^ Ciaoz~

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