Friday, July 28, 2006

Mom's leaving...

Good night people. ^-^ This is another entry before my mom left Brunei to Taiwan. Aight, I'll miss my mom for sure. T x T Listening to Jolin's 'kai chang bai', a sad song, this making me even depressed. =b Well, my mom's leaving tomorrow, to Taiwan. First she will go by her first flight, Royal Brunei Air Line to Singapore, then go Taiwan by JetAsia I think? Just saw her air ticket this afternoon, it's JetAsia if I'm not wrong.

She's going to Taiwan look after my grand parents with my dad and attend for my cousin's wedding, if I guess. 'Cause my aunt from Taiwan just called here last month, asking whether my mom's going, or when my mom's going, and then she told me her son is getting married the next month, which will be on August, forgot what is the date. Well, all I hope is my mom will have a safe trip to Taiwan and back. =)

And Oh! This freaking thing. I will have to go to my uncle's place and sleep over there every night, but yeah, I'll still be blogging here, do not worry about this. =b The only thing is, I freaking don't like their family. Aight, I don't know how to say but ummmm, yeah I just don't like them.

Currently, waiting for Vin to come home. Aight, my mom will only come back one month after she go to Taiwan. With my dad ofcourse. Actually, I somehow can't wait till my dad come back, 'cause I know he sure will bring a lot of stuffs back. Like something that we sure like, 'cause my dad's too morden and he Love to spend his money on those morden technology stuff. = =" I wanna pray for the safe trip back for my parents! XD Hope that God will always be with them. =3 *prays*

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