Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ice cream~~~ XD

Phew~ haven't been eating ice cream for quite awhile. Just went to had some ice cream lunch with my mom, brother, and 3 of my cousins, Ping, Amy, and John. The ice cream there wasn't bad, I had my black lady, which is like a cup of chocolate ice cream with some cookies and vanila ice cream, it's kinda tasty tho. hmmmmm yummm yummm~ x3

I guess I haven't been touching the blogskin/ layout for quite awhile huh? Feel like changing another blog layout. XD Wait for sometimes then I'll start to edit. Feel like making something that's in the middle ones, 'cause I'm like, feel kinda sick with the left side layout. @@" My little cousin (Nellisha, the youngest cousin in my family) is walking around in the house, she's soooohhhhh cuteeeeeeeeeee!! XDD I'd like to post her picture up here someday, to share with y'all how adorable she is! XD

Guess this should be an end of this blog, kinda bored here, waiting for Vin to get home and chat with this Ms. Min. XD Didn't do much with the Gaia, still 1187 gold there. I wanna buy some nice items~~~~~~ Awwwww, that reminds me of Tales Weaver. Sighh~~~ It closed down earlier this year, can't play it anymore~ sigh sigh~ it's such a nice game = =" well, anyways, gna off the blog now, have a nice day and good night. ^-^ sweet dreams to everyone!! ;)

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