Monday, July 24, 2006

tired > x <

Aight, kinda tiring day today, cos I didn't sleep well last night. A bit of insoma I gues? My mom was watching some cantonese series, and it was a bit noisy that I can't really fall asleep. Then after awhile, I think I just can't fall asleep. And even I sleep, I'll only sleep for awhile then wake up, then sleep awhile again. I'm yawning at this moment~ heheh XP

Owh, Joseph(my ex, but he's just my friend now.) just came over to do a bit his phone, and play a bit of o2jam ^^" level 40, kinda kek dao~ He said his computer got taken away by his uncle 'cause his o'level is coming nearer and nearer, want him to study hard instead of playing computer games online or something.

Owhh mannnn~~~ guess what~? There're something I don't really understand about in the class, especially Math. I forgot what is it call, but it's something like this:
(a+b)2 = (a+b) (a+b)
something like this, I can't remember all.... = =" help~~~~ But hey~ I'm trying hard to understand the question already~ yeah, I somehow get what it's about, but I wish to understand more, 'cause I'm not sure whether I'm wrong or what. Woots, kinda tired, I guess I should sleep earlier tonight, and Owh, I have practice tomorrow night, 8 something till 10 something I think. And then on 26th we'll have to dance at CHMS, for the chinese dancing something, can't really remember. Lol~

Guess it's the end of the blog, kinda tired, headache. @@" Anyways, Have a nice day peeps ^-^

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