Saturday, July 29, 2006


Awwww, kinda empty here now. Nobody's here, I mean, My mom's not around, Vin's not going to online 'cause he went to Tatto and will be going to sleep over at Larrie's party place, forgot what is it called. And my brother went to tuition, nobody here play with me. T x T How sad, huh? Aight, no choice, I'll blog here then. =b Listening to 'The moon of 16th night' by w-inds. Kind a nice song though, relax and hmmm, sad somehow? Well, downloading a Mozilla theme, don't know whether it's nice. It's apple brand theme, hehehe~ hopefully it's not that bad then. =b

Somehow I'm kinda sick of the font of my mozilla, so darn not nice. I tried to change the font, but nothing happens. = =" Well, that's fine that, I'll try to download and see. =b Owh yeah, I just downloaded some MVs last night, they're all nice songs to me. Like, Yue ding sang by Guang Liang, Wuan Mei sang by Jolin, and some other songs/MVs, I kinda forgot what are them. heheheh =b I'd like to upload it to the web if you guys wanna watch it. =3

My friend asked me to design a prom cloth, just the top ones, 'cause she had the bottum ones already, but she don't know what to wear for her top's. Well, so I did. She like it too, I think. I was glad then. =) I'll show you guys someday if I have the time to do so. =b And I just can't wait my mom to come back, miss her already. T x T

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