Saturday, July 22, 2006


Know what~? I find some adult are really somehow useless, and they LOVEEEEE to find excuses for theirselves. Tonight, which was just now, my small uncle's eldest son, somewhat like 4 or 5 years old. He was crying and saying that my brother hit him, but my brother was sitting at my room playing the computer all the while. And my small uncle was there in front of my room, he asked why my brother hit his son. And my brother shouted, "Since when I hit him? I'm playing computer!!" Then I walked toward and said, "He (the kid) always say that people hit him when people never did." Then my uncle said, "Is it your business?" Man he's freaking me out. Then I said, "You know what, he (the kid, again) said that me and Mary (my cousin) hit him when we don't give him candy Only." Then he was lagging there, and said, "He's only a kid." Then I continued, "Yeah, but lying is not good." Then he was like, almost nothing to say for a jiffy, and then he continued with another topic, "Your brother can't shout to adult too, can he?" Okay, I tried shut my mouth up 'cause I know it's really not a good thing for someone like him. Then he continued say to my brother, "How could you shout to adult like this? Don't do that next time." I was walking toward to the bathe room and laughing silently. XP Bad huh? XP I just wanna let him know how bad his son is. Well, if you love your child tooooooooo much, that might Spoil him, so yeah, don't say that I'm rude, and don't blame me if you didn't did a good job. 'Cause I had already taught you a lesson~ =b

Well, this is just my personal things, hope it's okay for everyone. If you're not happy with this entry, left it, unless I know you very well then I would like to have some discussion with you ;) Ciaoz~

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