Friday, September 23, 2005

Whoots~ =D

It's Coming...

Hahah... yesh~ today is quite fun, in school and after school, I'll blog about it in MW =D. Here... I started to be alittle bit and alittle abit harder-working, I'm not going to fail this year. I told myself about that. No wait, should say... I'm Not going to fail or repeat ANY of year @@" I don't want to make my family feel shame because of me. Hmmm~ I'm still abit lazy, but trying to complete all my work as CLEAN as possible xP I aim my results for final exam...
Chinese- at least cannot less than 80%
English- at least 60% to 70%? ^^" i wanna get improve! >.<>=)
Science- at least 55% to above @@" I dunno how am i gonna work for it xP
Geography- at least 60% to 70% i don't wanna disappoint my dearest teacher Karen =3
History- erm.... okay at least 50% to 60% @@" I never study for it xP
B.Malay- Wow! This! hahah xD I will try to get a pass for it = =" 50%?
Computer- at least 60% to 70%~
M.I.B- I'll try to get it pass @@"
Jawi- Yesh I'll make it pass xD jawi is quite okay for me~ heheheh xP how bout 10/20 ? xD
Commerce- know why I put this at last? cos I don't plan to pass this subject~ well~ xP

Aha~ ^^" I know the aim for the result is quite low~ but I'll try~ maybe I'll got it even worse = =" I hope don't? @@" hahah~ Final exam is coming, what you guys aim for the result? =3 no matter what you aim for~ wish you guys good luck during exam~! Ganbate-yo~ =D

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