Sunday, September 18, 2005

Owwch my teeth pain! T.T

ah~ well~ normal day~

First here~ Arigatou Gozaimasu-ne Vin~ for doing the layout for me =3 and now the layout you guys are looking at~ hmmm~ It's done by Vin~ All done by himmmmmmmmm xD Look how great his job is~ kekeke xP *HuGzzzzz*

okay right... ummm... it's 10:52pm now... I feel kinda lazy to do anything~ no, I mean, I'm bored that I couldn't do anything, Vin went offline before 8:30pm, well it was pretty early thought after that I have a short phone conversation with him and hmmm... when I back to my room, I found someone else was in my room~ it was my dearest cousin, Ah Ping arh~ = =" well~ he's msg-ing his darling thru internet again~ hahah~ sometimes I'm kinda curious that why Malaysia digi can msg thru internet but Brunei cannot? Maybe Brunei is still too slow? hmmmm~ I think I'm right tho xD Sory Pam and Burt~ that i didn't get to msg you guys so fast cos he was using my computer >< already =" ="">< me =" ="" hours =" ="" online =" ="" soon ="D">< everyone ="D

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