Thursday, September 15, 2005

late... nightkat xD

Sorry for late >.<

Well, I'm blogging right now... feel like blogging~ so yeah~ Here I am to blog right now xP hahah~ sorry Vin, came back late @@" just came back, right now it's 12:50... really sorry to Vin and Tan~ don't worry... I didn't get lost @@" still alive, so yeah~ hehehe~ was playing with Pamela them just now, actually now playing, just sit down there and watch them playing pool in Jubilee. Was suppose to be at home by 10 something, but they went to have supper in Jub instead, So we just sit there and chit-chat, and know some friends... James, Roger, YanChuan, Fukok, and know HanWen abit better, and the other ones... I forgot his nameeee! Ooo so sorryyyy >.<>< again =" ="" eye =" ="" wrongly =" ="" also =" ="" me =" ="" movie =" ="">< me ="3" again =" ="" today =" ="" stomach ="=""><) I don't want her to get angry so I told her that Pamela's car is coming, don't worry. But FuKok them come around 10 to 11 something instead = =" went to have supper at Jub, and play upstairs until just now... hahah ^^" well~ I guess this is the second time I come home after 12 midnight @@" my mom scolded me lightly that if I come back this late again, then she won't allow me to go out at night time next time = =" so yeah, try not to play that late again = =" hahah xP it's 2:09 right now @@" I didn't know that I would be here so long xP hahah~ I guess it's time to come to the end of this entry since I have nothing much to blog again... and hmmm... sorry to Vin for today... don't ask why xP heheh~ hmmm~ Night nights~ sleep tight everyones =3 sweet dream ^-^ *gone to sleep...... ZzzzzZzzzz.....*

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