Sunday, September 25, 2005

blog at school~

Blog at School

Hi Hi everyoneeee, if there is any one whoes reading now, I would like to Wave at you, hahah ^^". Right now, it's 11:54am. I'm blogging in school, computer lab. Well, there is nothing much for me to do since my teacher's not teaching anything when we're having our computer perioud in the lab. Nothing special today, I just drew something new on my paper during the Malay and the Maths period. I'm not trying to be unconcentrate in the class, just that... Malay teacher didn't come today, so we have relief perioud. During the maths period, I'm always blur with what the teacher is teaching, so I rather learn it my self than listen to her class, but she's quite cool with it tho~ hahah xP well~ I guess I would hardly blog in bravejournal, kinda lazy, hahah xP forgive me about that... I might blog maybe once few months? hahah~ (don't scold me, burt = =")

I got this news yesterday, that my cousin wanna go Singapore during the holiday of Deember, and she ask me to go with her too. But we have to work for somewhere to make some money, it's for the tickets and for the numbers to spend there. We'll only go there for 5 days, 28 December to 1 January... she wanted to go with the boyfriend, and I was thinking to ask Vin go also xP, can I? But you must have to work also, hehehe~ Mary ( my cousin) is taking the form today, I mean the form of the part time job... it's like... 20 dollars 8 hours. I guess it's quite high, isn't it? cool~ I wish I could make it! =D blog it up here, so that I won't forgot what I wanna do xD Oh wait... take care everyone! =D

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