Sunday, September 18, 2005

the new layout~!

Tales Weaver

hahah xD this title is for my layout~ my Beloved online game~ well, miss it alot since my last computer reformatted... if youre wondering what it is~ you can have a view from or This game is originally from Korean, and Taiwan transfered it to chinese version. Here I show the picture of the characters...

this is the side of The imperial family organizes, -=Kingdom of Hawk=- from the first... Lucian Kaltx, second... Boris Jineman, third... Tichiel Juspian, and the last... Mila Nebraska~ I tried four of them, but I only concentrate on Tichiel Juspian. She's an magician, a white magic magician, a Cool Magician... but she has her weak health... kinda difficult for me to train T.T...

And this side... -=Shade of Ash=- The mercenary soldier organizes, fromt the first, my favourite character Ispin Charles, she's a Cool girl~ that I train her until 43~ and I'm kinda lazy to continue to train her again since she's soooooooooooooooooooo hard to level up T.T well~ but I still love her xD the second person... Maximin Liebkne, I think he got abit mantal problem @@" hahah xD but he's a great magician tho~ and Yesh! Nayatrei! she's cool too! she has her both knives in her hand, and fast speed and her this friend... Jivelin Uoo, Yesh his hair! I love his hair! but he's kinda slow in speed = ="

Hahah, you can just click on any of them and have a view of the character xD

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