Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleepless night.

If you ask me what's more scary than spirits, then I would say it's a cockroach. Seriously, that's the only time I would scream like a girl ( I know, I AM a GIRL but I don't normally scream for things... =.=). I don't even scream when I watch horror movie! I jerk people's arm =x (Kevin's arm almost got jerked off by me few years back when we were watching the maid. o.o) Okay, we shall go back to the topic, and yes. I hate them. =.= I was listening to "The Rose" by "Olivia Lurfkin" last night while I was sleeping when I felt something tickling my lap. I instantly shined my phone's light at the place where I felt ticklish and there I found the small disgusting creature was crawling and waving it's feelers on my small pillow beside my lap! I sprung out of my bed and switched on the light to see it was happily swinging it's feelers at me! I almost screamed out loud but luckily I didn't 'cause my parents were already sleeping... I wouldn't want to wake them up.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes! Thanks to it I didn't managed to sleep for the whole night. =.= thank you for the service. You've increased my hatred towards you. =.=

Seriously, I didn't sleep for the whole night until 5 something in the morning just because of that small creature. = =" I was staring at the ceiling/ window/ computer (not on) in the darkness, all the time. I was sooooo sleepy but I just couldn't fall asleep. = =" Whenever I close my eyes I could feel it's touching my skin softly, can you picture it??? Well, at least it's caught now, and DIE DIE DIEEEEE!!!!!! xD

Well, during the time I wasn't able to sleep, I've thought of something that's hardly ever in my mind. Yes, cash. I barely worried about cash, it's not because I'm rich. In fact, I'm not, and currently my family is sort of facing financial problem due to several reasons. I save up money and use them sometimes, though I didn't often use them wisely but at least I don't normally reach out my hands for gold from my parents, I don't do it on purpose, it's my nature. Well, I do feel envy when I see someone with gorgeous out look, but for now, I'm trying not to think of buying anything that's barely necessary. That's why sometimes when friends ask what do I what them to get when they go overseas for vacation or something, I would either say 'I don't know', or ' it's okay, you don't have to buy anything for me'. Though I know I want something from them, even as a small present or whatnot.

I have been counting my family's expenses and income, income is low, but expenses for this year raised because my brother and I, are having government exam this year. For each month, they'll have to spend for my tuition fees, which I'm taking now are Maths, POA and soon I'm going to have Geography tuition starting from April, the expenses for just the tuition fees will be $200+ and together with my school fees $155, that'll be $355 per month, allowance not included. For my brother, he hasn't start going tuition yet so for now it's still $155 per month, but unlike me, he spends money like there's no end. Sigh, little kids, that's what they called.

Recently I've been thinking of opening a blog shop for which they sell clothes and bags, but due to the lack of capital and experience, I'd better not do it now since I should focus more on my studies. So that's how I plan, I shall see my O'level's result and then I'll see if I should stay and work part time until I think I got enough money to study overseas, or if I manage to score good grades, I would go straight to overseas to study.

It's not that I want to tell the whole world that I'm stressed but it's just a reminder to myself that I should quit slacking off like what I'm doing now in order to score good grades.

Anyways, it's late, I started blogging at 7:57pm and I'm only done with this entry at 10:35pm. I should sleep very soon since I didn't really fall asleep the previous night. Ciao people~ good night~ =]

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