Thursday, March 26, 2009

minna san, tadaima~! x3

I have been catching up with "tora dora" recently along with "asu no yoichi"(No it's not hentaii!! it's just... it's just... ecchi... =x), both anime are currently my favourites! XD Oh, and also "Lovely Complex"! Which I had done watching all the episodes few weeks ago. xD I also watched few episodes of the "Engine Sentai Go-Onger" that I accidentally grabbed from Kevin's hard disk, it reminds me of the "Power Ranger" that I used to watch when I was young, or should I say it's exactly like "Power Ranger" except that "Engine Sentai Go-Onger" looks more like... Bumper Cars? o.O And you can see the mini cartoon cars suddenly appears in the middle of the show and tend to talk to the cast, kinda cute though xD I know it's childish!! -.- Oh yea, and I'm also catching up with "Chrome Shelled Regios" as recommented by Burt, it's very nice too!! I like the psychokinesis called Felli Loss, she's so... COOL!! HAHAHAHAHHA~!! She gets frustrated at small matters and thus she'd start kicking stuff like... mad... xD then her face will go (- . -)* XDD

Okay, enough about anime... xD

I'm having school holidays now... (Isn't it obvious???) I have planned to catch up with some subjects but due to my laziness I just couldn't get started... Man I really need some motivation!!! Or when I fail for my O'level's then there will be no chance for me to rewind the time but to waste one more year for June paper. That's gonna be... super gay I know... = = Well, I'll work hard! At least I'll finish this book before the holiday ends!! >=O

Well, wish me good luck! xDD

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