Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monthly test 1

Fuii~ been having monthly test since 10 of March, I feel sort of stressed out for some reason. I have been studying all this while, well, not REALLY studying but somehow I just feel like going through topics that we've studied. English and Biology for today, English wasn't that bad, or I should say it was quite good instead? I was actually sort of worried about it yesterday due to the reason that I was thinking perhaps my English standard has became worse again. However, I actually completed the composition in time! And then again, I will post my composition once I got my paper back! =D

I will have Chemistry and MIB on monday, it's kind of troublesome cos I have almost no clue about what's going on in the class, should be it's not that the teacher wasn't teaching well but I just couldn't get it that why do we have to study all those formulaes when... I don't think we would even use it in the future? Not unless you're going to be a scientist or something. =x Meh, just my point of view, please don't get frustrated by this. xp

POA on tuesday, yes, both paper I and II. Well, I hope I could at least pass this subject. Not for that teacher, but for myself. = =

Well, that's all for now I guess. No pictures no be uploaded . Just feel like dropping some thoughts here~ xD More entries to be updated after the test. Please look forward to it!

P/S: tora dora 23 is out! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy~!!! xD

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