Monday, March 23, 2009


Though it's one day late, but I still have to say...


Tenga Da Mei Nv~!!! xDD

Happy Birhtday 38 Tenga!! xD

too dark? = ="

I guess it's a little bit too bright? X . x

Went to hang out at our usual spot, 'The Mall'. Well, don't blame us, that's the only place that we can go in Brueni, though there's still Qlap but yea, it's getting more isolated now then. XD

So yes, went to watch Teng's brother, Xian Wei and his friends' dance competition, it was great! Awesome! We screamed through their dance, and I almost screamed my throat out!! xD I should be thankful that I'm not mute, yet. = =" Later on, there was this dance PK show, it's a one-on-one competition, they picked out one person from each group to challenge each other, thus those who won the judgers' heart and goes to top 3 will win a latest B-mobile phone, pretty attractive, ain't it? xD Xian Wei did well, but his PK partner was a little boy, so apparently he has fang a loooooot shui~ In the end, he didn't win the prize but they won the group dancing competition! Congratulation~! I believe Teng was glad too! =D

So right after the dance competition, it around 7 or 8 so we decided to go to snow house as we planned earlier, ate Ice cream, then Ah Tong brought the cake out! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that was sooooooooo touching~!!!! AREN'T YOU SO TOUCHED, TENG???? XDDDD But too bad, Choon wasn't there until we were about to go, eventhough he was pretty tired from his own event, he still willing to drop by and greet Teng, how nice of him~! =D He ate the piece of cake that Urnn didn't managed to finish, he said it was great!!! xDD How nice~! =D

Later on, we went to a place and had a heart to heart talk, it's always very nice to talk to each other like that, especially in a comfortable night like that. =]

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