Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Woots! Dinner at Orchid Garden~! =D

Yes! Last day of Mid-Year examination, we had planned long ago that we will be having BBQ at Ai Xing house on the very night. However, due to some reason that Ai Xing's cousin is going to have his birthday celebration at her house on the same night so we kinda changed to Jia Min's house. Though she was afraid of the clean up work after the BBQ, so we decided to have our buffet at Orchid Garden (yes, it's definitely troublesome!!! X_x).

Had a lot of fun on that very night, especially when we went up to the place where the swimming pool was, we played and took a lot pictures of us camwhoring the whole night. XD I even took picture with MonMon!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! XD my bao bei didi~!!!! XDDD will upload some of the picture on that night for the next entry~ =D

Kinda tiring with my assignment this few days, because my principal and teachers were really impressed with what we did on the assembly back then. So, after that, our 'dearest' principal requested us to make one assignment of the earthquake in Si Chuan, China. However, my skill doing powerpoint document is really sucky, we asked teacher MeiMei for a lot of help, which is what I'm feeling guilty about. Though Jia Min and MoMo didn't do too much as they were sitting on the sofa enjoying their life watching drama when I was typing cluelessly in front of the monitor when we were all at Jia Min's house... Hmmm... But oh wells, they need to memories what they gna say on the stage~ XD Let them be the one to be embrassed on the stage~ mwahahahahha!!!!! I'm so meannnn~~~~ XDDDD

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