Monday, May 05, 2008

Stewpiak show~ X_x

Haven't been blogging for sometimes now, so here I am with a new thing. Like I said, I was suppose to upload a video of me joining the poem recitation, though for some reason that I couldn't open the video that my friend had copied for me, so I suppose there should be something wrong during the copy process then. Oh wells, I might have to make you guys wait now. =]

Today, I woke up around 5 something early in the morning, proposition was to finish my incomplete power point editing for the assembly later. After I've done it all, tidied up myself and waited for my friend, Jia Min to come to pick me up around 6:30, she came exactly right at the time. By then time I sat on her car, she asked me "Hey, you know what? I saw a student from our school sitting at the bus stop in front of the simpang, should I pick him up? Do you know that person?" I was wondering if it was Zhi Hong, a form3 guy from our school. My guess was right after all, I do know him, though not really close to him but yeah, we decided to pick him up, how kind we are~ XD

When we're on the way to school, Jia Min remembered that she had forgotten to bring some of the floral that was supposed to be presented during the assembly, so we did, wasted another 10 minutes to her house for the floral, damn~ We ought to be right there before 7 and get ready for everything... and when we reached school it was exactly 7 and we had not enough time to get ready. However, what we could do by then, was to arrange everything nicely and await for the assembly to begin.

Something really terrible happened during the assembly, at least I thought so, but others just thought it was alright, hmmm... The power point that I spent time for my beauty sleep doing it wasn't able to be opened in the right way, it was because I had forgotten that the Microsoft Office in my teacher's laptop was in the version of 2003 instead of 2007, and that is, I didn't change it's format to the version of 2003. I couldn't say it was a really wonderful power point project but I kinda did my best doing it though~ T_T How sad... = =" Oh wells, and because of that, I forgot what I should say when I got up to the stage to explain about my video... Instead I needed my draft of it... how embarrassing... Oh wells, otherwise, everything went well, respond from students for the video wasn't bad too~ glad to have this experience of doing all this things, it really worth doing it~ =D

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