Monday, May 19, 2008

Rawr die RAwrrrrrrrrrrr~!

RAWRRRRRRRRR~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously man, I think I realleh gonna die reallehhhh hard this time. My mid year examination for Biology gonna turn out sucky, I left more than half the paper blank. Oh gayyy... I bet that angglehh gonna tease me like shit by the time he distribute our paper to us... Mehh... = = Despite that, my Chemistry paper went well though, which was a good thing that I left nothing blank at all. XD Oh yes, at the mean time, I suppose there's no way for me not to work hard for my Physics paper now, otherwise the result for my Biology would really pull the shit off for my combine science. = ="

Chinese and Commercial studies paper 1 for tomorrow. Good luck to me. I never touched commercial studies for this year. Mehh.. .__.""

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