Thursday, May 15, 2008

my very first trophy~! XD

Woots~ There are too many 'first time' in life that you wouldn't know. Yes, today~ my first ever trophy was given by my Chinese teacher~! x3 I wasn't really proud but was only feeling glad that I was able to made it to the first position of the Chinese poem recitation. My friend Jia Min who won third place for the individual Chinese poem recitation contest and Moh Hin (aka MoMo) who won second place were proud instead that they were both jumping around and showing off their trophies to others, in some really funny way of course~ XD. The pictures below was taken by the very time I got my trophy~

Woots~! Very first trophy in my life~! x3

Baka Ringu from the left, Teng, Momo at the right. Chinese poem recitation title, Mask.

Ling from the left, Momo~ (Hot guy isn't he? XD), Teng on the right. Perfect group~ x3

These pictures are about the entry which I blogged few weeks before. Lol, we're on the newspaper~! XD

We're everywhere!!! Ahahahahah XDD

OMG MY NAME IS THERE!!! DIRECTOR SER CHANG MIN! MWAHAHHAHAHH XD lols~ I was being asked about the video everywhere after this... .__.

That's all for now~ enjoy the pictures~! x3 Will upload my video someday for you guys to have a look or something. Do take care minna-san~! =D

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