Friday, February 20, 2009

Time to let go.

To that particular someone, I am not going to spit out the name of that person since I know lots of you out there must be experiencing this too. Seriously, I have no idea what you are up to now. Though you have mentioned that you would try your best to forget about that particular worthless person, but look what you are doing now is apparently ironic, and against what you have said. I know it’s taking forever and it hurts so much that you could not stop thinking about that particular someone, but think about it, have you really tried your best? Do not even dare to say that, ‘I’ve already tried my hardest and I still couldn’t let go,’ and then start over to chase after that particular someone again. Flirting all over just to try to get that particular someone’s attention or coming back to you when you know it is apparently impossible since he or she already has someone else by their side for Valentine’s Day. What is the point getting you hurt so deeply inside? Will that particular someone really give a damn on your pitiful self and goes back to you just because you have slimmed down due to the fact that you have not eat or sleep properly for the past few months? I know it’s ironic because I made someone suffered almost the same way in the past. I’m not trying to say you are an useless person, but isn’t there something else more important to you rather than wanting that particular worthless someone back by your side when they have no job, no qualification, and only rely on parents? Not to mention their mongrel friends. Think about it, over and over again. Is it really worth it for you being so pitiful for a useless person like this? That particular person had backstabbed you, he or she doesn’t believe in every single thing you said. They might be suitable to be a normal friend of yours, but not a partner. Please do keep this in mind. What I have written may not be very right but truth is truth, after the rainfall, you should wake up and try looking for a rainbow.

In case there will be any misunderstanding, I'm not being sick of anything but just letting out what I want to say in mind. Your friends are worrying about you, so am I. We just want you to find your way out, quit wandering around like a lost child.

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