Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gonna be AFB (away from Brunei) for a night~

For those I couldn't catch them up on msn, I'm going down to Miri today with my mom and my mom's friend and I'll be home by tomorrow then, but I'm not sure what time I'd get home, so MISS ME! XD

Nothing much happened these few days except marching up down left right at Berakas stadium every morning, we have to be gathered in the school by 7am and go to the stadium after that, and only goes back to school by 10 something. That somehow still annoys me especially when the weather is very 'fine' but, well, I'm tired of complaining. Rather than doing that, I will just catch up with the anime 'toradora!'!!! xD I only have it up to episode 20, since it's not completed yet then. Gou Feis!!! Please look forward to toradora episode 14 up to the end because it's going to be real nice! Please do not forget to get ready your one box of tissue. *winks*

A cute picture of Ryuuji and Taiga as attachment~ Enjoy!! x3

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