Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My true colour o.O

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Lol~ it's funny to know how ironic it is that my enemies are green and red because my favourite colour is green and Kevin likes red o.O Though it's true that I like water droplet / symbol of water very much but it is still kind of surprises me~ O.o And excuse me? I don't manipulate and deceive others like a puppeteer, I believe I am not treacherous and cold, am I? D= The test is indeed weird~! xD

Listening to the song 'Bon Bon', an ending song of 'Lovely Complex', a romance + comedy anime, very lovely! Listening to it actually chills me out pretty much and it reminds me of how cute Koizumi and Ootani were. =D "Oh yeah, because there is you~"

Today, yes! It's today~! We're finally done with our National day marching event / practices and back to our studies. Honestly, I am very glad that the event has finally ended. It wasn't that bad on the major day itself too. To my opinion, I was quite amazed that we did well yesterday, if you actually saw us on TV, I think CHMS's troupe was really good! =D Congratulations CHMSian~ xD

Back to the school, we had a lot fun, and I think I'm sick of escaping POA class. So, I guess from now on I'll just sit inside the class room and get teacher's notes and do my own thing, as in I do POA on my own instead of listening to her. I gotta have my POA tuition soon, anyway. =b Form5, I better catch my breath as quickly as I could! =]

Ganbari masu!!! Ja minna mo isshouni ganbari mashou~!!

Ja Oyasuminasai~!! =D

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