Saturday, June 29, 2013

Outing with Miss Mary Ong~

So I haven't been out with this lady, whose my dearest cousin, ever since I got my feet onto this land. she's so freaking lazy to look for me because according to her, I'm staying far away from her (she lives in Kianggeh and I live in Sengkurong, Brunei.). =.= Dude! If you're living in city area like KL or Taiwan you'll know what's the definition of FAR! *Kicks your ass*

Aaaaanyway, so my whatsapp has been so freaking weird since last night till this morning, so I didn't receive Mary's message of "Eh I'm going to pick you up at 1pm!"

SO SUDDENLY, so called my mom to get to me, telling me "Eh I'm going to pick you up now" at about 12:30pm! I was like WTH? and quickly got ready while having my lunch...

Right after picking me up, we went to Bunut Hua Ho instead of having our lunch since I already had mine and Mary was bloated from eating so much snacks while catching a movie with her boyfie. After she got a birthday card for her aunt in KL, we went walking around in the shopping mall until 3pm then went to the Secret Recipe near nearby to have our afternoon tea, it was a quiet afternoon and we talked a lot until 5pm something.

Now that I recall, why didn't we take a picture of us together? Oh wells, till next time then~ XD

Had my Chocolate Indulgence, it's my favourite of all the cakes I guess, Jasmine green tea as my option of tea. Mary said the Chocolate Banana cake was the best, I guess I should give it a try next time~ :D

Mary had her Marble Cheese cake and later own she said "I wanna have something salty" and ordered the Gourmet Pie, which was really, really nice~ Love the soup! ♥ ♥ ♥

So right after we're done with everything on the table, Mary and I were so full we had to sit there for a little while more to digest, then she sent me back home since she needa go dating with her boyfie~ awwwwwwww sweeet~~ ♥

I'm really lazy to finish my blog so I'll just end it here, gotta go get Pudding's milk ready cuz you don't want her to cry in the middle of the night due to the hungriness... =.=

Alrighty people! Hope you have a good day! :D 

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