Friday, June 28, 2013

Outing with Liwen and Siaw Tan

Haven't really been blogging all this while and the first thing I'm gonna blog after so long is... outing with Siaw Tan and Liwen! XD

I have ran out of idea about blogging so as you can see I have been posting just informative stuff, and those are just re-posted from other blogs/ articles as reminders to my self and not really even a proper post... xD

So tonight I went out with Liwen and Siaw Tan, 2 of my dearest friends when I was still in my high school, they still are until now. First, we went to this Italian restaurant which I already forgotten the name and then to the Xinful Cafe to have our after dinner dessert, it was kinda nice... 'cept we're kinda, really full in our stomach...

These are pictures taken at the Italian Cafe and by Liwen's Lomo instant camera~ it's cuuuute I know!! XD

Pictures taken by Siaw Tan's "old-timer" camera... xD nah it's not that old, it's just... it's been reaaaaally long... :O

Well after like I-don't-know-how-long-but-it's-really-long, FINALLY, our food is here! 

Siaw Tan's Lamb Loin, it looks nice but it's too hard to bite, according to her :O
The sauce was nice, though~ :D

My Salmon Cutlet, it's okay but I have to admit I really like the sauce they gave me there! It was... Honey mustard, if I'm not mistaken.. :P

 Aaaaaaaaand, Liwen's Chicken Steak! According to her it's tooooo spicy!!! Because she ordered pepper sauce... Of course la, miss~~~~ XD

After that, we went to the cafe called the Xinful Cafe to have cakes and desserts, sounds sinful huh? Maybe that's where the name come from.. XD

 Red Velvet that Siaw Tan ordered, it's sweet, good for the sweet tooth person~ I love it at the first bite but gets sick after a few more o.O

 Liwen ordered this Black Forest, it's not as sweet as Red Velvet, the taste is just right, you won't get too sick and still love it! :D

 The................ Banana Ice cream waffle with chocolate sauce ordered by Siaw Tan and Liwen, it's nice but I guess because I already has Red velvet, so the taste wasn't really there, and we were getting reaaaaaaaaally full~! Despite all that, this dish looks really delicious though!

Lastly, we had this... I don't know how to call it in English but it's called the Cong You Bing (蔥油餅), one of my FAVOURITE Taiwanese food! It's damn damn damn damn damn niceeeeee! Man this makes me miss Taiwan sooooooooo much, FOR THE FOOD! XD

Riiiiiight, after that we were too full so we stayed and talked a little while before heading home...

Here are the bonus pictures of the night! ;)

"On nom nom nom nom nom nom"

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