Monday, May 07, 2012

YUI - HELLO live at Budokan

YUI's live at Budokan!!! How I wish I could go to Japan and see her concert at Budokan~! TT__TT

I wanna be someone like her! So gentle and cute and crazy! Most importantly, she's a good song writer, she write songs that touch people's heart...

In my life, I've been searching for what is it that I'm really good at. Though I have come to realise that nothing is easy afterall. Seriously. You can get people to support you from your back, family or friends, though you still have to overcome everything on your own and work hard no matter what. There may be times you feel like you're stuck in one place, not moving at all.

I remember once, a paster said in a church service, that we're like an arrow, we have dreams and we want to achieve it. This is the time when you're like the arrows a quiver behind the hunter's back, being stuck there and you think you're doing nothing. Everytime when the hunter reaches his back and get an arrow, you thought it might be you, but no, not your turn yet, and you feel even worst. Finally, when the hunter grab you, and put you on the bow, getting set, you think "FINALLY! I'M GONNA HIT THE TARGET!", and you realised you're being pulled away, FURTHER AWAY from your target. THIS IS THE TIME you feel even worst and feel like giving up. YES! What could be worst than this? The thing is, the hunter HAVE to pull you, in order to shoot you straight and strike the target! So HANG ON to this VERY MOMENT. When the hunter let go of you, the arrow in his hand~ you will go STRAIGHT and STRIKE the target you want!

And guess, who is the hunter? It's God! :D

Although I've been playing guitar for awhile (still not very good until now) because of YUI, I've come to like bass more and more recently~ XD Especially funk rock genre of songs, the bass sounds sooooo alive in them! They literally make me wanna dance! XD I mean SERIOUSLY!

Here is one of the funk rock bass solo that I saw on youtube. His playing style is called "slap-pop" if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong! :P

Interesting, isn't it? I'm going to save up some cash on my own and buy a good bass and learn myself~ Though I'm thinking of changing my major to bass, but yeah, still thinking. Bass, this instrument looks easy, and look like it's nothing or something which is not so important. In fact, it is. It can be the most easiest instrument to start with, but hardest instrument to master, well, that's what I think. Because, for bassist, you need to know the harmony of the whole thing, and if you don't, the whole song sounds off, or you can't play with your band at all~!

Let's say bass is a big tree, and guitar, drums and other instruments are like rain, wind, and clouds around the tree. No matter how strong the wind is, the tree will stand still, or maybe a little bit tilted, and waving his branches. That's just like how bass is, strong and still. WELL, WELL, that's just how I think of bass. It's like the soul of one song, and of course, drums too. You can have piano and guitar playing a song, because piano has the note of bass in it. But if you're to play guitar and drums in a band, that would sound kinda weird... Well, I know people do that some times, I'm just saying most of the time, it would sound weird. :P

Lately I'm kinda always imaging myself playing in a band as a bassist on the stage. It's just so daaaaaaaaaamn cool to be a bassist, especially female, long hair... well, don't really have to be long hair but yeah... XD (Now I'm imaging Mio from K-On! XD) I KNOW RIGHT! Mio is daaaaaaaaamn cool and cuuuuuuuuuute!! Because she's a bassist! XD

Apparently I lost my K-ON pictures so I had to get pictures from the internet and most of Mio's pictures are of fan art~ it's okay! She's still cute and cool even in fan art~! XDDD AND THE MODELS ARE SO DAMN CUUUUUUUTE!!!

Damn, I feel like sleeping now, all of sudden... waiting for time to pass now. Oh yeah, I have to practice guitar for my exam for the week after. It seems like I'm sick of my PL class, just randomness.. lalalalalalaa~~


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