Sunday, May 06, 2012

Kitty goreng- I mean... video done thanks to insomnia~! o.O

Wow~ I went to sleep like almost 6 in the morning and I woke up like 9++AM... hmmm... insomnia desu?? =OOOO

Well, since I woke up early and I have nothing to do since I don't wanna wake my room mate up by practising guitar~ I ended up putting my cat's pictures into a video~ daaaaaaaaaamn cute la Sandy~!!!

Tada~ did this with Final Cut Pro X, pretty handy and easy to use for a noob like me~! XDD for now, I can only do this much. I will upload more in the future, hopefully this time I will upload a real video instead of photo clip~ =3

Hope you like kitty~!! ^.^

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