Wednesday, May 25, 2011

first day of exhibition at ICC, consumer fair part 8~

Just got home from expo awhile ago... It was another tough day. My feet are suffering! Shouldn't have wore the high heels to the expo... -.-'''

To be frank, I don't fancy expo much, especially doing sales and all that~ D: However, I've gotta try~ at least I managed to get one deposit of $50 for today~ hahah~ hmmm, just one though. =/

Though it's kinda relax today, it's only the first day of consumer fair, it's gonna be tougher starting from tomorrow onwards because the people from the HQ in Miri is coming up to guide us through the consumer fair. And.... yeah, no high heels tomorrow because I'm so no going to wear it! -.-!

Anyways, gotta take a nice warm shower and then I shall hit the sack! :D Happiest moment of the day! But also the saddest moment of the day because I still have to go to work tomorrow... D: oh yeah, I also have to wake up a little bit earlier tomorrow morning 'cause I have to go to the police station~ -.- AND THEN, go to the Sunpizz office, and only go to ICC after that... D:


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