Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally, Last day of consumer fair.

Finally, today was the last day of consumer fair at ICC. It was rather tiring, as well as the longest day among this 5 days. Meh.

My result wasn't that good, eventhough I KINDA tried my best, though I know it's not yet my Best-est~.

Exhausted. What I'm thinking right now is all about quitting the job. But I might leave with a guilty heart because I haven't done much in that company. I did learn something, but I didn't make much effort to achieve it. Was it really my fault? Or it's just that I was concerning too much about what other might think about me?

I notice that every time when she tells me "you can't do it", then all of sudden, the confident in side of me would be thrown away. Yes, ALL of it, and I'm not kidding. And I hate comparison. Would you just stop telling me that "Hey, look at him/her , he's new here, but he has done so much that you can't even do like him". Well, if you're trying to make me think "I can't lose to him, I'm gonna blablablablabla", then you're definitely wrong. My mind would automatically start telling me that "Yeah, that's true..." even without me realising it. I know that it's not good to think that way, but it definitely would have to take time for me to change from a negative person to a positive one, no?

Recently, I always wake up and found myself in a reaaaally bad mood when I don't usually have that problem. Meh.

G'Night to the World~

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