Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesh, just as the title above, Happy Chinese New Year~! x3 Oh, and a Happy belated Valentine's day~! =D

Oh mai, I haven't been blogging for agesssss~ I feel reaaaaaaaaaally lazy to blog la~ xD hahahah but yea, I'm blogging now, out of boredom~ I have nothing much to do seriously. =S My current location is at Taipei, Taiwan. DEMO~ haraheda~~~~ Oops what was I trying to say? I mean it's kinda bored here cos it's been raining since the day we reached here, and the weather is like only below 10~ 20 degree C~ =O it's not that cold at home but it's icy cold when you got outside and when the wind blows onto your cheek~ geeeee~! >.<>

I saw Flo mentioned on FB that the weather in Brunei has been rather hot recently~ should I be thankful here? I guess yes, since I don't really like hot weather... = ='' but I guess I wouldn't be able to bear the cold weather if I were to be at a place like, North pole? = =""" LOL okay that's kinda out of the topic now~ xDD anyways here's few random pictures~ xD

place where I go online now~
the only location can receive at least a little bit of internet signal~ xD

Below are the pictures of my favourite pudding in Taiwan~! <33333>

Hahaha~ I don't know what else to blog for now. I'll try to update if I have some spear time for blogging~ xD


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