Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nearly exhausted~!

I was out with the girls for the whole day, the usual gang, Ringu-chan, Hyinie-chan, Tenga..-kun? xD and Ore-sama~! IF you're wondering who they are. xD Anyways, Ringu and Hyin and I went to tuition from 2 to 4 (supposed to be 1 to 3 but we slacked~ xD), then we went to pick Teng up after tuition. Nothing much to do so we went to etoo.. patastri? to bite some cakes! I don't know what is it called, the name of the cake shop was kind of complicated to me. -.-''

Any way, before Teng put her arse on my car.

Hyin wanted to surprise teng by 'peeping out' of the sky window, but... ended up teng was taking her sweet time showering. Okay~ what a waste~ JKjkjk!! xD Ringu thought her face wouldn't be seen so.. =x Hahahah!! okay~! We're so high today~!! xD We were out from 4 to etoo, 10 something at night, then only we're willing to go home. Sigh~ the time really flies~ D=

We tried to sing a lot of songs like crazy today as I 'stole' my dad's car mp3 player, since he's not home~ xD It was challenging, and fun indeed!! xDD We had Nasi Katok at Jerudong, then went to Jerudong beach, and there we were to sing again!! But it was just for an hour before we had to go home. Well, so HERE I am to blog now, then gone. xD

I might not be blogging for tomorrow, it depends, unless I'm at home. My parents are not going to be at home for 2 weeks, so I have to sleep over my cousin's house, which is... Darrrrn bored D= I've got nothing to do there. But maybe this would be a perfect time for me to start revising my topics. Well, till then~

Tada~ =D

Monkehy cousins~ XD

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