Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been awhile~

I'm starting with my usual line - it's been awhile, people! And now I'm using my phone to blog, troublesome indeed. However, having my blog hanging on the net without any updates for so long makes me feel like it's dying for good. =.=

We were in the computer lab in the school, I was trying to log into the blog but the net was so slow like a snail that even loading into blogger's dashboard took the whole period to be done (which was half an hour = =) . Well, I have nothing better to do any way, so I decided to look for some an cafe's pictures while waiting for the dashboard to done loading.

THIS, is AN CAFE!! Old and new. I'd doubt most of you would like them but yea, it's one of my favourite from few years back. I've almost forgotten about them when I suddenly found their pictures in my pc yesterday. I knew this band from one of my friend, they are quite a good one. But one of their member was gone since 2007 and I only know about this news by yesterday. D= If you look into the pictures and you might find it obvious to recognize whose the one I'm talking about. He's Bou, a guitarist, my favourite member from this group. His last performance was on April 30, 2007. For your information, they're PUNK, not EMO. I saw this girl online saying they look EMO, and No, they don't even LOOK like EMO! D=

The OLD An Cafe! When Bou was still there. It looked so gorgeous! But the new one isn't that bad too~ =3

Bou! He does look like a girl. I understand some of you out there might think this is disgusting but well, this is just the way he is, he does no harm to people but everyone loved him so much that they cried real hard when he left. D'=

Well, if you look carefully, he still looks like a boy, you can still see his male body line (with no breast xp ). It's just that he's cute that made him looks like a girl, and well, his recording company wanted him to dress up like a girl, you can't put all the blame on him. =O

I like this piece the most! x3

And here comes the NEW Antique Cafe! Bou has been replaced by Takuya and they're also joined by a new keyboardist, Yuuki. Well, I don't really like him, he looks weird! D= He's always wearing a cap and a pair of sun glasses, it's as if he couldn't let the world see his face! =O But I see there's no point in disliking him, since his also a member of An Cafe and without him they wouldn't be too much better. =D

Tada~! x3

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