Thursday, June 05, 2008

what about... Myanmar...? o.O

"有時候你愛的人, 只能做你生命中的配角; 而你不愛的人,往往將陪在你身邊直到永遠"

A quote came into my mind when I decided to blog.

I noticed that these days when we turn on the tv, the latest news about the earthquake in Si Chuan will pop up on to the screen infront of our face, again. It's not that I got annoyed with the news or whatnot, it's just... I mean... what about Myanmar? What about those victim suffering through the endless day and night in the water city? I barely heard or seen any news on tv. Isn't it just a little too sad? aight... *prays to God*

God once said, when it's time for us to go 'home' this time, he will send whatever disaster on to the earth to us. And I wonder if it's almost time now...

Bear me, I'm being quite an emo these days, no idea why but yeah. The feeling is like I'm back to the time when I was in form 2, don't like the feeling much, indeed. Maybe it's just time for me to adjust the way I see the world instead? Meh. I just hope things will go well out there, and also things around me.

Damn, don't like the current me.

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