Thursday, July 26, 2012

YUI vs A-Lin?

I was listening to songs in my iTunes, and all of sudden, I heard a VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY FAMILIAR intro music, I thought it was YUI's Good bye days, but IT'S NOT! IT'S A GODDAMN CHINESE POP SONG!!! And the background music sounds 80% SAME! OMG! I wonder if anyone ever notice this but I'm sooooooo gonna say it here because it's YUI!!!!

Okay right, let's listen to YUI's Good bye days and then listen to this Chinese singer's song. Listen carefully to the background music.

Now let's listen to the Chinese pop song.

Notice the similarities?? I think it's kinda easy to tell. o.o I think I can even sing the lyrics in YUI's version if I turn off the Mandarin vocal... .___.''

Sadly, nowadays in music industry, using the same chord progression in two or more songs can't be defined as "copying" :/ In fact, you may find 8 out of 10 songs sound the same to each other. And some people won't be able to tell if the music sounds the same because what they really care are if the songs/ melodies are catchy or not to their ears. Just like K-pop, catchy and people can move their body and dance to it. To me, they are more like brain-washing songs. .__.'' No offense to the K-pop lovers. :O

If I didn't choose to study music in the first place, I, too wouldn't be able to tell any difference... I guess... .__.'''

Dewa dewa, till the next time I blog again, though I know I haven't been really active recently. :P

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