Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dream Board!

I know this is kinda random, but oh well, it's my blog! who cares! :P

iPhone 5S, Champaign Colour!! 

This the first thing I wanna get ever since it's out! YES! iPhone 5S with golden linings~ Sweeeeeeeet as ever! Well, can't blame me for wanting a new phone since my phone is... really... dying!!! Well can't blame that phone, it's a iPhone 3GS and it's been a few years and I guess it's just around the corner to the end of it's life span~ :O 

Yamaha Scooter

This is what I wanna get! SO DAMN CUTE RIGHT? I know I know... xD There's no special reason that I wanna get a scooter, I just wanna get it because it's cute! hahahah~ and well, more convenient than a car I guess? XD but..... behold for the next picture.......!!!!

Audi Q5

Audi Q7

WOOHOOOOOOO!!! Yesssss This is my dream car!!!! Well although I'm not saying I'm going to get it in the near future but yeah I'm sure I'll get it in the... FUTRE when I have a family of my own ;) 

Benz SLS

Yessss baby! This is NOT the car I'm gonna own, but I'm going to buy this car for my beloved Daddy! :D I want my parents to love this ride which could bring them everywhere, well as long as it's on the land. :P I really wanna give them this big surprise and I will achieve it! Just wait for me a little longer! :)

Dream house in Boylston Street, Boston, MA, US.

This is the actual house in Boylston Street in Boston, America, not UK AH! XD Well, as you can see, I especially put the picture of the living room in the middle, biggest picture so I could fully enjoy it, and yes, this is my MOST FAVOURITE part of the house! :D oooooooh my~ I just looooove vintage~ 

YES, I've been looking around for my ACTUAL dream house! This way, I think I could work HARDER to achieve the things that I REALLY WANT! Yeah, something like that. xD Well, of course this house is not cheap, it's or should I say, not expensive! I guess, if I keep thinking it's expensive, I will never achieve the things I want, anymore~ Well, it's USD$4,600,000. Although it's stated there "Sale Pending" (which means someone is going to buy it!! T _T) But I will never give up hoping for this house!! I'm going to get it within this 3 years time! 4 years max! Please wait for me~! XD 

This, is another dream house of mine! Although I'm not sure if this picture is real or not (judging by the car parking at the right side of the picture, I guess this house is real~) I wanna build a house like this, and I really do love this kinda style of a house~ it makes me feel like I'm living in the old times and things are still beautiful as ever! Well, not that I'm saying things are not beautiful now, I'm just saying the world is waaay too crowded compare to the way it used to be. Barely fresh air, but yes, I believe Amway can make this world a better place!!! :D

I would really love to have a house on a big field, though~ Or as long as I'm surrounded with nature, I can be satisfied. :D

Here's a part of inside of my house is gonna be! I wanna have a home theater! Well, the screen isn't as big as it seems in the picture, but I'm planning to get a FULL WALL of screen instead of that TV on the wall! Now can you imagine? HEHEHEh :D

This, relaxing area~ is going to be the middle part of my house~ it's gonna be open air, swimming pool, massage place/ or sun tanning place, a mini bar at the corner of the place for you to enjoy the chilling atmosphere~ whoaaaa~ feeling so chill now~ XD

Doggy doggy!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nothing can be cuter than these bunch of fluffy things! hahahah~! I especially LOVE golden retriever and I'm gonna have a bunch of them at my house!! Woooo loooooooove!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Nothing special, just a decorative floor piano to play! Noisy? Turn down the volume! XD

Yayyy a home studio!!! who doesn't want something like this? Well, I might only use them once in a while but oh well! I could use it to keep all my instruments and I could play them whenever I want! :D

Bet y'all are wondering what's this. NO, this is NOT my house! This, is my holiday resort!!! :D Wahahaha~ you guys wanna come to my holiday resort? yayy~ you can come for free but only for people who have achieved at least Emerald! ;) Well, I love green, so at least Emerald will do~ ;) Come join me at my holiday resort, my lovely friends! XD

Oh yeah~ this is another part of my holiday resort, doesn't it look really, really tempting? ;)

Canada? Why do I want a picture for CANADA? Because I think Canada itself is a really nice place for old people. So I'm thinking, when my parents grow old, I might wanna send them to Canada. Well, of course only if they want~ ;) They do have good facilities for their beloved residents, unlike Taiwan, cruel government, although the people there can be reaaally lovely~ ;)

Canada Flag in maple leaves.

Beautiful art, ain't it? ;)

Why do I have a school picture then a bunch of kids underneath it? Well, of course they're not my children! ;P One of my dream is to open an orphanage and keep the children, and of course everything inside is gonna be Amway's stuff! ;) Aircon, TV, especially eSpring and Atmosphere! :D It's the saddest thing when you see kids wandering alone on the street without any purpose of life, all they want is looking for left over food in the junk and whatnot. Can't be worst than that. I just simply wanna offer a place for those kids, to sleep, to learn, to play with other kids without worrying having nothing to eat. :)

Colourful World Map

Yeah~ why do I wanna post this colourful world map here? Because you see, this world is beautiful, it's full of colour, I wanna go travel around the world so I will know how beautiful this earth really is. 

I wanna be a photographer, well, my OWN photographer~ ;) I wanna capture the beautiful pictures around the world. ♥


This person, Yu-Tin Cheng, she is my mantol, my motivation and inspiration in Amway. She is why I really really really wanna make things works. Everyone's got their own way to touch other's heart, and this person had touched mine during one of her speech at the Campfire even I went to where Teng brought me. I'm really thankful and glad that I decided to join this event. I really, really do appreciate the things everyone had done for me. 

She had helped a lot of people in her life, she's a professional nutritionist, a professional beautician, and lots more. I was so thrilled the first time I heard her speech. I know, maybe it's also because she's from Taiwan, the closeness that you can ever feel when you're out of your country for a long time and suddenly booom! you met someone from the same place where you were born. ;)

I can't explain how much I admire her, all I wanna say is that, I really wanna be like this woman, by helping people who needs help, even though they might not think that they do. I will do my best!!!

Founders Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor, Amway.

This is the highest level for Amway, a Founders Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor! Omg... just by reading the name is making you feel like you're a KING/ QUEEN OMG! I'm planning to achieve this within at least 10 years time! The longest I can give myself is 20 years! Yeah... since I'm kind of a pretty lazy person, BUT I HAVE TO TRUST MYSELF! YES!!!! ok I have to do something about it... hahahah XDD

CA 30 years Anniversary!

Oh yeah, CA's 30 years anniversary! DO you see the 30 up there? Yes! I'm telling myself, I wanna be up there, like I said, the longest I can give myself is 20 years time! So I will be on this HUGE wallpaper on their 50 anniversary! Of course, I will try to achieve it on their 40 Anniversary! Which will give me around... *calculating* 9 YEARS TIME! omg... sounds far, doesn't it? Don't worry, time flies, with another blink of the eye, I'll be up there! ;)

I know, This is a freaking loooooong post, of my dream~ But this is not the end! As we all have new dreams every once in a while, I will be posting new dreams of mine anytime soon! Just behold! ;)



Well, I was supposed to print out the pictures a few weeks ago but I wasn't able because I was running really short on money, and now that I think of it, why didn't I just post it up here on my beloved blog?! o.o yeah, silly me. This way, I don't share only to the people in my class in BTC, I can also share to the whole wide world! The most important point is, it's my dream, so I have to be responsible for what I wish for! 

With this phrase I always love: 

"Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it all!" ;)


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  1. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the finest things in life. Who wouldn’t want that, right? I do hope you’ll get to have the things in your dream board, particularly those incredible pools and resorts that are absolutely to die for. While you don’t have them yet, what you could do is to make the things you have resemble the things in your dream board in the best way possible. For example -- instead of building a pool as expensive as your dream one, you could build something that has the essential elements in it. You could also look for alternative ways to build and design it, and add a touch that is your own. Cheers!

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools, Inc.